Unbelievable! Hillary Booed Again!

The Madam Senator from New York gets absolutely no respect! According to Politico, Mrs. Clinton got a “smattering” of boos at a Martin Luther King Jr. rally. I’m surprised that was all that happened. I’m even more surprised that her handler, er, campaign manager went ahead with the event after all the racial, and other class sniping going on between her and Obama. I’m also disappointed in the people booing in the crowd, but they’re not running for office.

It’s interesting when the candidates, and I’m seeing it on both parties, waste the voters time with criticisms that have nothing to do with the issues. Between Clinton, Obama, Paul, Huckabee, and Romney, I have seen some of the most irrelevant comments and advertising going on the criticize opposing candidates on topics that nobody really should care about. If I had given money to some of these campaigns, I’d want it back… what a waste.

I could be wrong, but the only negative comments I’ve seen from Edwards, McCain and Thompson have been directed at their opponents’ positions. Please let me know if I’ve missed something here.

Oh yeah, McCain got booed too. At an AFL-CIO gathering in Michigan. What in the world was he doing at… oh, never mind. Anyhow, he got frustrated and threatened to leave. Great. Just great. As my niece would say “real mature”.

I hope we can get down to 4 real candidates soon (2 Dems, 2 Pubs). I’m already dizzy. Hopefully, 4 grown-up candidates.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin (via Memeorandum) on the McCain story. Gateway Pundit relayed the Politico story (Michelle is also blogging on this with some in-depth discussion on the whole race topic).

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