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Congratulations to McGehee, who successfully answered the question. It was a satellite photo of the Library of Congress (courtesy of Google Earth).

McGehee received a $10 gift certificate from the Barnes & Noble online store.

I thought for sure this was going to be a tough one. I’ll have to work a little harder for next weeks. Check for Contest #2 later in day tomorrow (Sunday).

I chose the Library of Congress as the focal point of the first contest intentionally.  This site is about respecting and utilizing the learning process and one of the key tools to learning is reading.  The Library of Congress symbolizes the value of the written word in our society, and is subtly present even in the banner photo for this site (to the right of the Capital dome is a dark colored dome… that’s the Library of Congress).  The Conservative Reader is here to promote sharing of ideas and absorbing the ideas of others, the history of our great country and the things we have learned as human beings throughout the centuries.  The more educated we can become as a nation, the better we can, together, build a strong and successful society for centuries to come!

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