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Quite an evening. THE BIG NEWS tonight was the turnout. WOW! Our precinct expected about 100 Republican voters… we ended up with 236! And that happened all over the state from what I understand. I can’t wait to see what the final participation numbers look like.

Romney won our precinct with 77 votes, followed by McCain with 61, Huckabee with 45, then both Thompson and Paul got 20 votes each, Giuliani had 12, and Duncan Hunter had 1 vote.

The numbers across the state are more or less as you might think. Huckabee (34%), then Romney(25%), McCain (14%) and then Thompson (13%). Unbelievable to me is that Ron Paul has 10% of the vote in Iowa.

Me BloggingThe Democrats ended up about as you might think as well… I don’t know about our precinct, but overall Obama took the top, and Edwards and Clinton in a tight race for second.

The platform votes in our precinct strongly leaned toward supporting the war in Iraq and addressing Immigration Enforcement.

I have a number of notes from my precinct’s caucus, but it became a little difficult to keep up the notes when I decided I should volunteer to be a county convention delegate… 12 of us were nominated for 7 positions and it took a while to get through the process… people wanted to hear us each speak, and then we tried voice voting which filtered out a few but not enough. And of course a lot of discussion about how to get down to 7. Finally got it done, and I’m one of the 7.

So, expect to hear more about the Iowa process here at Conservative Reader. It should be fun and interesting.

More later about “the process” and how it went.

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