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USA Today has been kind enough to boil the whole election down to 11 questions, and provided a tool so you can answer the questions, and then get USA Today to tell you which candidates align most with you.  I took the quiz, and the candidates that supposedly would be most aligned with my thinking are (in order):

    1) Mitt Romney
    2) Tom Tancredo
    3) Mike Huckabee

Of the three, I think Mike is most likely (right now) to get my vote.  Still have time (45 days to the Iowa Caucus as of this writing).

That said, I really am dreadfully afraid of a country that would actually think USA Today can tell them who their candidate is based on something as simple as 11 questions… worse yet, I know people like that (and yes, they also scare me because they have driver’s licenses too).  The questions themselves are very telling about how shallow we have become… according to USAT, these are the questions that matter most to people. The categories they covered include:

  • Iraq
  • Health Care
  • Immigration
  • Global Warming
  • Same sex marriage
  • Tax Reform
  • Experience

Of this list, I do care about:

  • Iraq,
  • Immigration
  • Tax Reform 

I would add to this list:

  • Overall US Security (War on Terror and all)
  • Economic Stability (within the US markets and International markets… Tax Reform is part of this, and the most concerning indicators in my opinion are the value of the US Dollar, and the performance of US markets as compared to international markets… okay, off soapbox for now)
  • stability of foreign powers with nuclear arsenals (and those that are working on it as well)
  • long-term programs for improving the lives of the impoverished (such as micro-lending)
  • how to deal with genocide
  • how to help new governments build workable societies

Oh yeah, political accountability, particularly in dealing with bribery, abuses of power, misuse of government and election funds, and of course, being really stupid.

I’d like to know what you think.  What are the topics you care about most in this election?  Please leave a comment or email me at [email protected].  I will collect responses for a couple of weeks (I’ll leave a link to this post in my sidebar) and post the results at the end of that time (plan on the evening of December 2.

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