I’m Only Gonna Say It Once (This Year)…

Those of you that prattle on about how awful the government is, did you vote this week?  Those of you that scream and cry about the awful wars and dead soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, did you bother to go to the polls and honor what our soldiers died for?  Most of you (the numbers are in, you can’t deny it) get up and exercise the right to do absolutely nothing but complain (first amendment, baby) but ignore all the rest, especially the number one that thousands and thousands have died for over 230+ years… the right to participate in representative government.  Those of us that did vote did NOT take your right away from you, you just squandered it like it wasn’t worth the trouble to think about.

Kevin Cooney, a local TV news anchor, shared a great story on his blog Tuesday.  I think it’s worth reading and remembering for the next local election cycle.

I’m proud to be an American, proud of our form of government, and proud to exercise my rights to help make this a better country.  How about you?

Update:  And, yes I know many of you actually did vote… regardless of your political affiliation or bent, I appreciate the fact that you took the time to do that.  One thing I also do at my polling place (as I’m leaving) and want to do here is express an enthusiastic THANK YOU to the volunteer poll workers, without whom we would be unable to exercise this incredibly precious right! 


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