Car crash claims third child of wounded Iraq veteran


As seen on Bit’s site:


I was worried this might happen…


wounded Iraq veteran and his wife have lost a third child from injuries
the boy suffered in a car accident on the way to visit his father in
the hospital.

weeks after his siblings died in an Oct. 13 accident on the gusty West
Texas plains, 9-year-old Tyler Johnson died Saturday at Children’s
Medical Center Dallas.

Spc. John Austin Johnson was waiting for his wife, Lisa, and their
three kids to visit him at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio
when the deadly crash occurred on Interstate 10 about 12 miles east of

You”ll recall this story from when we first passed it along to you…

Michelle has word up again about donations for the family. Q&O has more. So does Memeorandum.

Of course the only place I see commenting on this from the left side of the sphere turns it into a foul-mouthed anti-Iraq-war screed from the first line.


Honestly, I cannot understand people like McEwan, but the left seems to be frothing at the mouth looking to make every tragedy about something they hate.  I don’t know what is really gained by all the blame.  Oh, well.

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