I Can Mark 3 Off of My List

In today’s Des Moines Register’s print edition, on the Opinion Page, Senator Chris Dodd (D-Connecticut) was asked who (of anybody) he felt would make a good president.  His answer, Senators Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts).  He also adds “Business leaders”… don’t know who he means there.  And then he says, I kid you not, “Those are two good people Iowans can relate to”.  Yup, us farmers here’n Ioway like our candidates simple… pulease don’t complicate our world with anyone who wants to talk about real solutions to energy problems, conflict in the middle east, economic challenges, health care, social security, ANWAR (told you not to bug us with conflict in the middle east!), racial unrest, or anything them complicated easterners want to yammer about.  Shukin’ corn is hard enough out hear, and don’t get me started ’bout the potatoes!

Jeez.  Great start to my week.  Makes me not want to admit growing up in CT. 

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