Late night reminder…

Reading Bithead’s (presumably) last blog of the night, reminded me I had meant to comment on the announcement that Newt Gingrich won’t be running for President in 2008.  Here’s what I think about this… hmm… thinking… just a minute…

I’m sorry, I got nothin’.

That is to say, I really don’t care if Newt wants to make a big announcement about the blatantly obvious… it’s bad enough we had Fred Thompson playing sideline candidate up until his formal announcement less than a month ago.  If anyone is going to be serious about being a player 116 days from now here in Iowa they need to be in motion already, especially since so many other states are crowding for early attention as well.  As it is, I’m not very impressed with the Republican field, and despite joining late, I like Fred (as in, at the moment “I think he’s a good pick”, not “I think he’ll win”).  Frankly, I’m not convinced we have a real conservative in the bunch.

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