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CNN Debate Recap: A Complete Score Of The Top Four

In all The Conservative Reader’s previous debate reviews we have extended the courtesy of including an analysis and grade for all the candidates on stage. With now a mere 42 days until the Iowa Caucuses, the time for such courtesy has passed and the day has come to separate the candidates from the contenders.

The following is a recap of the performances of the candidates that are realistically contending to win Iowa. We made this distinction by including only those polling over 10% in the Hawkeye state—in other words Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Herman Cain. They are listed below in order of how well each did from best to worst.

1st)—Newt Gingrich (Art)

Newt again demonstrated his ability to speak with …

CNN Gets A Technical First – A Live Hologram!

Just now, Wolf Blitzer is talking with Jessica Yellin via, get this, Hologram. First time on live TV.

I’m quite impressed with what they’ve accomplished here.  Jessica is in Chicago and Wolf is in New York.  The image was a little herky-jerky (that’s a lot of data to transmit) from multiple cameras that were surrounding Jessica in a small tent.

I don’t know for sure if the image was actually projected onto the set or just merged digitally, but Wolf gave the impression that he was looking right at the image.  And there was a red circle on the floor that appeared as if it could have been part of the projection aparatus.

Bravo, CNN!…

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