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Our Tired Voices

Let’s see, the Des Moines Register is incredibly proud of what we’ve done (as am I). The headline reads “OBAMA, HUCKABEE WIN BIG FIRST TEST”, with large photos of the two top vote-getters, a story covering each party, and at the bottom David Yepsen shares his thoughts. Continuing the analysis and speculation (and spin) that will dog the news for the next few days.

The Wall Street Journal has its story along side the rest of the normal news of the day “Obama, Huckabee Win Iowa, Seize Momentum”. Great lead in: “Illinois Sen. Barack Obama defeated the Hillary Clinton machine in the Iowa presidential caucuses…”.

Now that the caucus is over, now that we’ve had RECORD… BIG RECORD participation in the process, all the weasel …

The Caucus Notes

I took my laptop to the caucus, and kept some notes. I will try to keep it light, but it was a good evening.

Republicans start their caucus at 7:00 PM. Democrats technically begin at 6:30, and start breaking up into groups at 7:00 PM.

We took a chance and drove to the site (we could have walked, but it was really cold and I didn’t want my wife to freeze), and we were fortunate that there was still space on the blacktop to park. We showed up at about 6:25. The Democrats were still milling in the all purpose room by the main door of the school and getting started. We Republicans had to go to gym down the hall.

Signing in was easy, …

It’s official for the Dems…

Obama, Edwards, Clinton, in that order, according to CNN.…

The People Spoke

Quite an evening. THE BIG NEWS tonight was the turnout. WOW! Our precinct expected about 100 Republican voters… we ended up with 236! And that happened all over the state from what I understand. I can’t wait to see what the final participation numbers look like.

Romney won our precinct with 77 votes, followed by McCain with 61, Huckabee with 45, then both Thompson and Paul got 20 votes each, Giuliani had 12, and Duncan Hunter had 1 vote.

The numbers across the state are more or less as you might think. Huckabee (34%), then Romney(25%), McCain (14%) and then Thompson (13%). Unbelievable to me is that Ron Paul has 10% of the vote in Iowa.

Me BloggingThe Democrats ended up about as you might think …

How Do The Pollsters And Campaigns Get All Those Phone Calls To You?

On Van and Bonnie on WHO this morning, there was an interview with a political telemarketing expert from George Washington University.  The topic was the technologies, techniques, and purpose for all those phone calls we’ve been getting here in Iowa the past few weeks.  You can listen to the interview here.…

The Day The People Debate

Today (well, tonight) is the “big event” here in Iowa.

Last week I went to CompUSA because they are closing the store shortly, and were having a big sale to close out their inventory.  My wife and I went with anticipation of finding some great deals on software and equipment that we could take advantage of only to be disappointed in two ways.  1) Many of the things we came to buy, some of which I would have paid full price for anyway, were already long gone.  2) The discounts at the store were pathetic.  At the door, the sign said “10-20% off original prices”.  Most items were, of coursse, 10% off.  But the computers themselves were only 5% off!  I’d have complained or even …

Preparing for The Iowa Caucus

At this writing, we have 4 days remaining until the Iowa Caucus. I plan to attend the Republican Caucus in my precinct, and I do not yet know who I will vote for… but I’m narrowing it down.

Some background is in order.

The Iowa Caucus is conducted every two years. The purpose goes beyond just the presidential nominating process, but includes building grass-roots support for the party platforms as well. Iowans have caucused in the manner since 1846 except for 1916, when the state tried out primaries (a 25% turnout convinced the state to go back to caucusing).

Democrats and Republicans both caucus, but each a little differently. Democrats break up into groups at the caucus site based on which candidate they support. They …

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