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President Doom and Gloom

[1]I caught bits and pieces of the press conference held by President Obama last night and I heard the subsequent reviews.  My analysis suggests that our national media threw President Obama a bunch of softballs.  President Bush would have held a lot more press conferences if the questions were that easy, I bet.  Bill O’Reilly called the President “boring”.  No kidding!  And then some!

Here’s what’s starting to grate on me.  For the last 18 months, all we’ve heard from President Obama is how terrible things are, and now “this is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression”.  Bad news is his mantra.  I’m not sure if he can handle good news.  It makes me wonder how he responded to the news he was going to be a father.  Did he say “Great!  Another mouth to feed”?

Americans, for the most part, are an optimistic lot.  For us, the glass is always half full.  According to President Obama, there is no glass, primarily because the greedy Wall Street types stole it.  He can’t even discuss the whole Alex Rodriguez steroid thing without calling it “depressing”.

Eventually, the American people will tire of President Obama’s negativity.  That day is getting closer.  Three weeks into his administration, it’s already clear he’s in way over his head.  Talk about above his pay grade!  And by his own admission.

We’re looking at Jimmy Carter re-dux.  Carter also claimed he’d never lie to the American people.  He talked about economic malaise.  He lasted one term.  Americans wanted optimism.  Ronald Reagan delivered.

Memo to President Obama:  You wanted this job.  You need to lead.  Right now, you’re a downer.  If you can’t be cheerful and optimistic, perhaps you should go home.  And take your stimulus package with you.

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#1 Comment By Aliano Montego On February 10, 2009 @ 10:12 pm

Great article! BTW-There was a fantastic visual of where the stimulus money is going over at [2] You should link that story.

#2 Comment By Tim On February 11, 2009 @ 6:25 am


Ruin your Health with Obama stimulas Plan

Mr Dauschle slipped in an amendment that will disqualify ALL Americas over the age of 55 from any Gov’t medical aid finacing they are CURRENTLLY under, and from any Future benefit.

Now? Listen please to Lindsey William conversation with Alex Jones, and you will se why Iowas Gas Tax must go Up and why.
Listen close now…….

#3 Comment By Tim On February 11, 2009 @ 6:31 am

I cannot understand why Americans donot understand that Our assets have been purposefully devalued as they say they are worth more that they are, yet borrow
890 BILLION more dollars on a failing economy.
Especially when there is no new markets in the making.
You cannot consume anymore, if you are not producing anything.
Also All States Governments are HIDING assets bought by Our tax dollars these political have invested in for their own purposes, but We tax payers are di-included from participating in or any benefit there of will be transfered to the Publics benefit they paid for.

#4 Comment By Lizze On February 18, 2009 @ 5:29 pm

I think it ironic that given your posts since inauguration, that Mr. Durant calls Obama the negative one. We get it, you are not a Democrat, you’ll never be a Democrat, you’ll never agree with anything Obama (a Democrat)does in office. You are so predictable in your entries that I think this type of forum is above your pay grade. You should read Mr. Smith’s posts in their entirety. At least he makes an honest attempt at understanding the opposing view. You sir, just want to be right.