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Hope for a Change

[1]Or is it change for a hope?  I admit my confusion on this issue.  The American public was told during the 2008 Presidential campaign that things would be different.  So far, it’s more of the same, only worse.  It seems like the entire country has gone stark, raving mad.

To wit, as the Obama Administration’s Cabinet nominees wind their way through the approval process, we find that not one, not two, not three, but four have a prior history of not paying their taxes.  What is going on here?  The best thing to come out of this mess is that the American taxpayer, at last count, is ahead some $176,000.  Could this be President Obama’s plan to fund this massive “economic stimulus” package that is being ramrodded through Congress?  Just collect the back taxes owed by his nominees?  I’m not sure that the IRS, Congress or the American public would be as forgiving if I were the one to not have paid my taxes.  But then again, I try to live a life of integrity.

I’ve read a lot about the economic stimulus package making its way through the bowels of Congress and I’m confused about that too.  Or maybe I’m not the one who’s confused.  To me, economic stimuli are those things that stimulate the economy.  Immediately.  Not three years from now.  So, as one of the conditions for accepting TARP money, The Brains in Washington get to dictate how the monies are spent.  This is a bad idea.  CitiGroup orders a plane two years ago and would like to accept delivery of it, but can’t because only The Brains in Washington get to decide how this money should be spent.  So let’s play this out.  The plane has to go back to the manufacturer, who has to find another buyer, and one less plane can be produced because the manufacturer has sell this one first, thereby further slowing the economy.

Wells Fargo resisted TARP funds, insisting that they didn’t need them.  The Brains in Washington insisted that they accept the money in a show of solidarity with those banking companies less fortunate.  Every year, Wells Fargo rewards its top sales people with a trip, this year to Vegas.  This is a common practice in the real world, but not in 2009, the Year of Insanity.  This year, The Brains in Washington raised holy hell because of Wells Fargo’s commitment to those individuals who made it successful in 2008.  Wells Fargo canceled its plans.  500 fewer plane tickets; 500 fewer hotel rooms in Vegas; meals, shows, etc.  How is that economic stimulus?  It would appear to me that only the Democrats get to decide what determines “economic stimulus”.  This after passing $819 billion of pure garbage.  The world has gone mad.

Our new President has been in office 18 days and so far, has done absolutely nothing but talk.  My observation is that it’s his one strength.  LBJ would have suggested that President Obama is “all hat; no cattle”.  Where I come from, he’s “all talk, no action.”  This is an apt description and quite accurately describes his past.  We have elected a president that has no track record of ever doing anything.  Ever.  His role as a “community organizer” is one of sitting around offering his opinion, but never actually doing anything.  He has no idea how to get things done.  He’s never done it before.  He’s in way over his head.

Memo to President Obama:  Eventually the American people will return to thier sanity and your charm and toothsome smile will wear off.  Eventually, we’ll want to see some tangible results.  Eventually, we’re going to hold you accountable to your campaign promises and ability to get things done.  You’re running out of time.  We want to see depth, if you’re capable of it.

Proverbs 21:29 says “A wicked man puts up a bold front, but an upright man gives thought to his ways.”  We don’t want to see a bold front any more, Mr. President.  We want to see some substance.

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