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BREAKING NEWS: Ill. House Votes To Impeach Blagojevich

[1]I could not resist… this was the subject line on an email alert I received today from television station KCCI [2].  All I can say is, if I were a member of the Illinois House, I’d be ill too.

Looks like the Illinois Governor’s days in office are numbered.  I hope for the sake of the citizens of Illinois that the remainder of this process is swift and effective in getting the government back on track.  Distractions like this are not good for state government, regardless of how much excitement it may generate for some.

I’m glad politicians aren’t in a position to just threaten the public and demand money to avoid destroying our lives… oh, wait.  Sorry, I forget they can (and do).

But seriously, why is anyone surprised?  I’m amazed at the number of people that assume politicians, especially those in Illinois, are innocent until proven guilty.   Some people I know are surprised that it took this long for Rod to get caught.  I’m surprised he got caught at all.  I don’t really think all politicians are this corrupt, but I’m surprised that this guy managed to get himself caught doing aan saying things that are so blatantly criminal and incriminating… the only answer seems to be that he’s also stupid.

The rest of us want to know why he’s still Governor.  It’s been a month.  Time to move on.

Probably the best outcome of this drama is the fact that more Americans can now pronounce “Blagojevich” correctly.  Including me.