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President Of The United States: Barack Obama

[1]As I write this, John McCain is announcing his concession of today’s election.

Obama was declared the winner by most of the networks at around 11:00 PM Eastern Time.

McCain’s speech was kind and humble, and recognizing what is an historic event.

We have not been shy in our opposition to Obama here at TCR, and hopefully have been and will continue to be faithful in this regard: Obama is the rightful victor, for whatever reason I believe is the man God will place in this leadership position, and will deserve the appropriate respect due the office and office holder of the Presidency.  Assuming he does not abuse his power (a caution I would put to any who take this office).

We will, however, continue to voice opposition to the Liberal policies that we are sure to see come from Obama’s administration, along with the likely Democratic Congress.  And we will spend the next two years talking about the real world implications of these policies and will monitor and document events to help promote better understanding.  Over the next few weeks, expect to see some thoughts about what the future holds and where we need to go as Americans, and as Conservatives.

All of us, regardless of political affliation, should watch carefully the actions of our government (regardless, again, of who is in power) and tell our representatives what we think of events, polices, and their votes.

I suspect we will have two to four years of very real challenges as our government may seek to morph itself into something different that what we have enjoyed for 221 years.  Perhaps nothing so dramatic may come of it, but it is an aspect that we will watch out for here.

Congratulations, Senator.  May God bless you as you serve.