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Colin Powell Endorsement: Who Cares?

It’s not exactly been a big mystery where the former Secretary of State was going with his own vote this year.  And NBC was was certainly fairly confident that they knew what Power was going to say today when he gave his endorsement to Obama (transcript [1]).

I would tend to agree with Michelle Malkin [2] when she states that this doesn’t look like a mater of race, despite contrary comments by Rush Limbaugh [3] and George Will [4].

I was impressed that Brokaw asked two questions that I would not have expected from him:

  1. Will Democrats accept this endorsement from the man who “closed the deal” in getting us into Iraq?
  2. Should Bill Ayers have repudiated the Weather Underground and his actions in that organization?

Powell really didn’t share any compelling thoughts about his reasons, and stated numerous times that he thought either man would be a good president.  He just doesn’t think that McCain is the “kind of change” we need right now.

With this kind of endorsement, who really cares?