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Radio Station Encouraged McCain-Palin Signs To Be Brought In For Hoax Dying Child

[1]The TCR OJ award (for those that manage to avoid accountability) goes to KCJJ’s Morning Show, yet another sign that we will put up with any kind of illegal behavior…

(Coralville, IA [2]) – An Iowa City area radio talk show host has admitted that an on-air report of a dying child’s last wish to set the Guinness World Record for having the most McCain-Palin yard signs is untrue and claims it is a hoax. “Captain” Steve Soboroff and co-host Tommy Lang of KCJJ 1630-AM in Coralville began asking listeners last week to take McCain-Palin yard signs and bring them to the radio station for a dying child. They now admit there is no such child.

Soboroff admitted the hoax when interviewed by KGAN-TV of Cedar Rapids, but said the station would continue taking McCain-Palin yard signs, “No questions asked.” In the KGAN interview, Soboroff said that approximately 60 signs had been brought to the station. He also confirmed that he is a supporter of Barack Obama.

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Stewart Iverson called the station’s actions “disgusting”.

“This is one of the most outrageous acts I’ve seen in all my years in politics. To play on the emotions of Iowans by using a dying child as the premise of a joke solely for the amusement of these two hosts is disgusting,” Iverson said. “To use the public airwaves to perpetrate this fraud is irresponsible and borders on the illegal.”

KGAN-TV ran a story earlier in the week regarding a stark increase in the theft of McCain-Palin signs in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City areas. The correlation between the radio hoax and the increase in sign thefts has angered many.

“These hosts have not even hinted at an apology to their listeners and in fact are continuing to encourage that stolen McCain yard signs be brought to their station,” Iverson said. “Who is bringing these signs in to KCJJ and where are the signs coming from? I don’t think the FCC would be very pleased if a licensed station were an accessory to trespass and theft, let alone admitting they knowingly fabricated stories of a dying child,” Iverson said.

This is bad because it these people are knowingly perpetuating a hoax, illegal activities, and co-opting society into accepting this kind of behavior.  And yet, I’ll be surprised if any action is taken.