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We Interrupt This Election To Congratulate Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Phillies just clinched (with one game remaining) the Eastern Division after beating the Washington Nationals 4-3.  The New York Mets (as some of you know) is the team I follow, and although they won today, the Phillies had to lose both of their last two games for the Mets to tie them (if the Mets won both of their last two game) and force a tie-breaker game for the East Division.

The Mets are still in the running for the wild card.  Milwaukee fell to Chicago 3-7, and that ties up the wild card race between Milwaukee and New York.  As long as New York wins Sunday’s final game against Florida, the worst they would have is a post-season tie-breaking game for the wild card.  I normally hate rooting for Chicago, but “Go Cubs!” (if Milwaukee falls again to Chicago, no tie-breaker needed).

Johan Santana pitched a great game today, with just 3 hits and pitching all 9 innings against Florida, with a score of 2-0.

Anyhow, Philadelpha deserves kudos for a great season, and good luck in the post season.  It will be interesting if the Mets end up playing Philidelphia for the League Pennant!

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And yes, I know I owe you my thoughts on last night’s debate.  I will have that shortly.