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Barack Obama: Follower

[1]Does it not bother anyone that Senator Obama’s response to the biggest financial crisis in the world in nearly 80 years is to say “If I can be helpful, I’m available”???  Is that what someone who wants to be the leader of the free world should be saying?

Barack’s still has a responsibility as a Senator from Illinois.  And yet, he thinks that his “skills” will be identified and requested if needed (which may explain all of those “Present” votes).  As President, one cannot sit back and wait for others to say “Hey, Prez, can you come over here and help us figure out how to stop World War III?”.  As a Senator, this is Obama’s golden opportunity to demonstrate the length and breadth of his leadership ability.  But instead, he just wants to sit on the sidelines until the mythical Senate Coach sends him in.

And it takes Bush to invite him to the White House along with McCain and Congressional Leadership to work through this mess.

Sorry, this doesn’t look like leadership to me.  Looks like followership.

McCain on the other hand is running up to the Coach and shouting “Send me in!!!”.  He is taking action, action appropriate to his role as a Senator and as a Presidential candidate.  Putting the country first, putting aside his own personal agenda.  He’s going straight back to Washington to ensure this gets worked out right.

That’s leadership.  That’s John McCain.

Ted Sporer shares similar comments [2].

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#1 Comment By Ben On January 16, 2009 @ 10:06 am

I was almost in shock reading Art Smith’s article Barack Obama: Follower. Its not Art I blame though. Deep seeded racism isn’t something one can control. Art Smith’s parents must have slowly, but surely, uploaded these ideas of pure racism into his brain (long before Art can remember, so don’t blame him). I hate to blame ignorance on racism. In this case I am right. Art isn’t a stupid person! He is clearly inteligent, well schooled, and hopefully…a good person. Your probably asking yourself….why are Art’s ideas so dull, and lack any iota of rational thought. Few other feelings can so easily blind someone from the blatantly obvious current events. Stop living in the past….And seriously, I would make a better consvative than Art Smith. Dahhhh….durrrr

#2 Comment By Art Smith On January 16, 2009 @ 1:21 pm

Ben: It’s really hard to figure out where you are coming from. “Deep seeded racism”??? I just don’t see what my comments have anything to do with anyone’s race? At that time Obama’s behavior was distinctly, in my opinion, not the behavior I would expect from a leader. Leaders have to take initiative, not wait for others to invite them.
Help me understand why you see racism in this piece?