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Gustav Gives Us An Obama Dry Run

My husband has been after me to contribute my thoughts to his blog instead of just hashing them out with him. After reading the story “Obama: My donors can help victims” in the Des Moines Register today, I decided it was time.

I confess I was taken in by Obama’s message of change. I believe our country and both the Democratic and Republican parties are all at a crossroads which will determine a lot of things for the future. While we may still be considered a “superpower” in military might, we have sadly lagged behind the rest of the world in education, economic growth and dare I say the overall physical health of Americans. We do have a great health care system and I wouldn’t trade it for anyone else’s, but we need it as we grow fatter and fatter sitting on our butts. The times are a changing, and who is best to lead us through?

I’ve been careful to not pay much attention to the media’s spin, but to listen to the candidates themselves. I watched the Saddleback forum and listened to an educated man begin each sentence with “Well…” Great way to showcase our education system. And I finally saw that his message of change doesn’t have any substance behind it. He has not given one specific as to how he is going to bring about change.

Back to today’s article in the Des Moines Register (CBS’s Maria Gavrilovic also references some of this [1]) about Gustav and helping the people of the Gulf Coast. Obama is quoted as saying, “I think we can get tons of volunteers to travel down there, if it becomes necessary,” and “I think we can activate an e-mail list of a couple of million people who want to give back.” Let’s see…do I want a president who thinks we can… or do I want a president who can, who takes action knowing mistakes may and probably will be made, but is decisive nonetheless?


The comment, however, that threw me over the edge is, “we don’t want to solicit a bunch of canned goods that can’t get there, or, you know, bottles of water where they already have water.” Hey, Obama, ever hear of potable water? I’m sure the people of the Gulf Coast are grateful to drink and bathe in the disgusting water that Gustav brings ashore. Also, if volunteers are traveling down to help, why can’t they take canned goods with them? I’ll even throw in a can opener for good measure. Now, whether or not canned goods are the best thing to be sending to the Gulf Coast is a valid question, but to be concerned about getting them there, I don’t think that would really be a problem.

Seems like Gustav has given us a dry run, so to speak, for us to see who has the skills to lead the country.