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McCain, Obama and Rick Warren

We were channel surfing on Saturday night because the Olympic coverage was of the women’s marathon, which I liken to watching paint dry, when we happened upon Rick Warren’s interviews of the respective candidates.  The least I can say is that the contrasts were spectacular.  John McCain was the all-around winner, (unless he was being judged by Olympic judges, in which case he would have placed second due to some unusual tie-breaking formula!).

Senator McCain opened up the proverbial can of Whompem on Senator Obama in these areas:

The list goes on and on.  We could talk about their contrasting views of the Supreme Court, their anecdotes about their lives, etc.  I still don’t know who Senator Obama is, and at this point in the campaign, the nation should have a pretty good idea.  Senator McCain, you impressed me Saturday night, and the nation, I feel, as well.