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Heller Succeeds: Part 1

Dick Heller, of DC v. Heller fame, finally got a gun permit today [1]

Unfortunately, that’s only part of the story.

The District is treating semi-automatic handguns as “machine guns”.  So, the registration he succeeded at acquiring only allows him to have a revolver in his home.

Heller recently sued the city again, alleging that the registration rules adopted by the D.C. government after the ban was overturned are too cumbersome and violate the spirit and letter of the Supreme Court decision.

We discussed this story as the case went to the court [2], and as the decision was handed down [3]

The District is, in my opinion, doing all they can to thumb their nose at the Supreme Court on this one.   We can certainly expect a new case to come up and address more of the details, which could go one of several ways.  My two main concerns are:

  1. This gets solved with soem kind of legislating from the bench (whether I like the position of the court or not, acting in this manner is not acceptable to me).
  2. The close 5-4 margin swings the other way… or worse if a more liberal judge replaces a more conservative one before this is decided.

I think it’s time for a new amendment to clear up the whole gun ownership issue once and for all.

More comments at HotAir [4].

Update:  Oh yeah, Part 2 will come when Heller’s new case reaches the Supreme Court.