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What’s a Federal Government To Do?

This afternoon, my post about Iowa considering raising the Gas Tax [1] to help pay for flood recovery was clicked into by someone on the “house.gov” network… that is, someone probably working in some congressperson’s office took a look at the post.. I have no idea who.  But less than an hour later, I notice a story (that has evidently been running at least since early morning) that the White House is now asking Congress for $1.8 Billion in disaster relief [2] money.

And of course, Congress will add more to the request.

But with tens of billions of dollars, maybe even hundreds of billions, in damage and recovery expense across the midwest, this will end up being a small portion of the needed funds.

And, it will get misused.  And abused.  And misplaced.  It’s just a waste.

I say go ahead and allocate the funds.  Then give it all to the Red Cross and other charities so they can distribute it properly.  There’s no way we can trust FEMA to handle it right.