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Red Cross Needs Money

The American Red Cross has depleted its Disaster Relief Fund [1]. According to KCCI-TV:

Red Cross senior vice president of Disaster Services said the fund has been depleted over the past few years in the absence of large-scale disasters that bring attention to the relevance of the Red Cross.

He said they have had many mid-size disasters that have cost them a lot of money but didn’t prompt donations to cover the costs.

So far, he said the flood response in the Midwest has cost about $15 million. The Red Cross estimates it could reach as high as $40 million.

This is somewhat surprising and disappointing, but definitely a sign of the times. We’ve gotten so accustomed to the government stepping in and saving us that we forget the federal government isn’t really able to do it on their own (and often isn’t adequately prepared to do so), while organizations like the Red Cross have been in the business for decades. This is routine business for the Red Cross, and we need to ensure they are adequately supported with funds to do so. Please help… go to this site [2] and donate now.