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The Signs of Decline

I am not going to argue the merits of the case [1] or the stretched use of precedence. And it is far too easy to poke holes at the California Supreme Court.

But instead I ask one single question. Does anyone not see this as a sign of the on-going decline of our society?

I’m not intending to be alarmist about this, and of course I’m going to be lumped with the extremist religious wackos that promote a “God hates the world” message (one that I vehemently oppose).

I support the rights of all to life, liberty and happiness, even for those who carry on privately in sexual or other conduct that is repulsive to me.

But for the government to establish a new order to marriage as if it were something that can be so carelessly rearranged into whatever structure suits the current group of people who would like behave differently for whatever reason, is wrong and now opens the door to family structures that are currently illegal and unthinkable (as this was a few decades ago).  It is unfortunate, indeed symptomatic of the decline, and is not the beginning.  Uncontrolled pornography, no-fault divorce, abortion on demand, licensed teenage sex and unsanctioned unions (“living together)  were predecessors to this demise.

It is also not the end.  Legal polygamy, time-limit marriage contracts, elimination of minimum age requirements for marriage, legal bestiality, and marriage between species are yet to come… and who knows what else.

Since the path began it has been hard to slow the decline.  And impossible to stop, it seems.  Worse yet is that more and more Americans are being convinced every day that gay marriage is not only appropriate, but “whatever you please” is appropriate.  This will extend itself to other areas, and has already influenced the decline in integrity, increased lawlessness and a growing sense of discontent with any governmental controls to maintain a semblance of order in our society.  Anarchy is peering its ugly head out of the shadows and we cannot allow it in.  Indeed, those that would cut off religion and discard it as meaningless have no basis for moral influence and in many cases openly advocate disbanding our laws… or any laws.

Does anyone else see this coming?