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Republicans Try To Make Things Right – Not So Much

What a day. I’m sorry, but politically, not one that I’m proud of:

1) Alphonso Jackson resigns as HUD secretary [1] (effective April 18). Few doubt there is something to allegations of favoritism. See my previous posting on the temptations of power.

2) Henry Paulson presents a plan [2] to overhaul the Fed that is not well received. Criticisms run all over the map. My criticism remains simple: the Government cannot save everyone from their mistakes. This looks like the beginning of the end of free markets to me. I need to review the content before I make any more detailed assessments, however, you should watch your wallet and your Constitution. It’s perhaps positive that Paulson recognizes that this kind of change cannot happen quickly, but the scope of change recommended is so broad it really makes me nervous… my dear wife reacted this way: “The Government is taking over business”. If only I could tell her she doesn’t understand…

3) The most impressive attack against Barack Obama today is that he bowls like a sissy [3]. And you’d think you’d only see this kind of thing on a slow news day.

4) Hillary is still on the hunt. Even after being caught lying, even though her campaign is out of money, even though one of the first costs she cut [4] on her campaign was health coverage, even though her party leaders are pressuring her to end her campaign, she keeps going and going… I think if she declared she was a Satan-worshiper, was having an affair with Tim Russert, confessed to pulling the trigger on the gun that killed Vince Foster and spiked Ted Kennedy’s drink the night of Chappaquiddick, the only fallout would be a report that membership in Church’s of Satan was up 12%.

5) The only person predicting that Republicans might keep the White House is Howard Dean [5].

6) President Bush continues his efforts to visit every location on Earth outside the United States as part of his “Staying Out Of The Way Tour [6]“. It has got to be more than obvious that he is stepping aside in hopes of providing adequate room for John McCain to hold appropriate press attention, and to keep the press’ attention off of Bush’s problems. Some say he wants to leave a Foreign Policy legacy, I think he may be just as happy leaving no legacy at this point.

My highlight for the day: The Mets beat the Marlins [7] on a strong showing by Johan Santana.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow!

Hat Tips to Memeorandum, MSNBC [8], WSJ [9].

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