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The Right Guy

I will strongly recommend that our readers to take a look at the cover story of Newsweek’s March 10 edition [1]. It is a great story about the late Mr. William F. Buckley. [1]  You will find additional articles from various contributors also in this edition.  It will be quite an understatement to say that with the passing of Mr Right [1],  conservatives have lost a staunch supporter.

Those of you who have any of numerous books will attest to his tremendous talent. Here is a guy who could write a column in twenty minutes. It takes me a few days sometimes to write a post here because I allow myself to be distracted by events happening around me as I write.  For example, I had planned to write this piece as soon as I plucked the magazine out of my mailbox this past Monday. Here I am almost a week later putting it together. What happened you asked? Well, I read the article and proceeded to read other related articles.  Before I knew it, the days had flown by and I had not even started putting my thoughts on paper.

Anyway, I digress. Please clink on any of the links in this piece and read about THE RIGHT GUY and let me know you impressions about the Real Conservative. Thanks.