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Contest #5 Winner!

constitution_small.jpg [1]“Geniousproductions” got the correct answer to this week’s contest!

The question was: The US Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation. Technically, this could have been considered an illegal act. Why?

The answer is, the Articles of Confederation required that all of the 13 states must approve any changes to the Articles.  The Constitution was not ratified by all 13 states at first, and yet the country began operating under the new Constitution despite that (accepted because the Constitution only required 3/4 of the states, or 9 at the time, for approval)… a second rebellion of sorts.

Despite breaking the “rules” to achieve this, the country got over it, and nobody is really in a position to challenge the legality of the document since eventually all 13 states did ratify the document.

Great job, Geniousproductions!

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