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I Underwhelm Myself

republican-elephant.jpg [1]I promised I would try and take a position on the remaining candidates before things are settled. I’m probably too late, but tomorrow still has possibilities for Romney. The party is definitely looking like it’s leaning to port, and it’s what we have to work with.

Of the remaining candidates, I definitely prefer Mitt Romney over John McCain. It’s very difficult for me to stand up and provide the level of enthusiasm for Mitt that I have for Fred Thompson, for the simple reason that Romney is not what I think of as “conservative”. He’s certainly more conservative than McCain, but he still holds more centrist views in many areas. I’m not trying to ignore Huckabee… oh, wait, yes I am. I just can’t take him seriously… he’s somewhere between Romney and McCain in his non-conservatism, but totally lost in space with the electorate as a whole. He’s never really impressed me, and doesn’t strike me as a real leader.

I’m pretty convinced the that the party’s situation right now will likely lead to a McCain victory tomorrow. Regardless, as I mentioned earlier today, I’m prepared to support the party’s candidate at this point, and have hopes for a more conservative choice for the VP nominee (Thompson is my first pick). I will support and campaign for the party’s candidate, and I will also address the issues. There is also a lot of other work to do now regarding platform and congressional seats… we need good focus on each of these areas.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow. We may be thoroughly surprised, on both sides of the political spectrum.

Oh, and Ron Paul really needs to go home. TNR’s James Kirchick provides great follow-up [2] on what we know about this guy, or what many would rather not know. The only problem is, he’s raised so much money and needs to do something with it… I really suspect he’ll run as an independent. Won’t that be nice.