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The First Amendment Wins, For Now

Well, aside from an apparent win for Romney (expected, and not a big deal) in Michigan, and a relatively calm Democratic debate in Nevada, the big news in my book is the Nevada Supreme Court overturning [1] (as reported by the New York Times Blog site) the ridiculous order yesterday by Judge Thompson to force NBC to include Kucinich in tonight’s debate. As I stated earlier today [2], the judge was wrong, Kucinich was wrong to pursue it, and NBC must maintain its ability to control its own content. Of course, that’s based on a strictly Constructionist view of the Constitution. Imagine, a Right-wing ideology comes to the aid of the Democrats and the Liberal Media. Strictly speaking, the ACLU should have been supporting Kucinich in this fight.

Constitution 1, Out of control Judiciary 0.

Hat Tip to memeorandum.