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Paul’s Past is Getting a Lot More Coverage Today

I am intrigued that Ron Paul has made it as far as he has with this load of baggage hanging around. I’ve seen information like this before, but this story today in the New Republic [1] is the most comprehensive research I’ve seen to date. This is good solid information. Of course, Paul is denying [2] that he actually wrote or said these things, but I’m sorry, you cannot run a newsletter with your name on it for years and let this kind of trash go without addressing it then and EARLY in this campaign. I’ve also found some neo-nazi, white-supremacist web sites that have been all abuzz about Paul being their candidate… which would seem odd unless there has been historical reason for them to understand a strong relationship based on prior events where Paul most have directed speeches, writings or information to their ilk that they found strong support for their agenda. I wouldn’t say that an apparent tie to those groups because of their buzz alone disqualifies Paul, but in tandem with these newsletters, I don’t see how he can reasonably walk away from this. I’m going to be interested in how these groups start to react to the more broadly public information and Paul’s reaction.

First saw this at BitsBlog [1]. Continuing information at memeorandum [3], and discussion at Liberty Pundit [4], OTB [5], and Little Green Footballs [6].