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Dynastic Thoughts

Well, Billy Boy got a good question, referenced in The Trail [1]:

Moments later, Clinton — his voice hoarse, sometimes cracking — took arguably the toughest question of the night, courtesy of a tall, blond 19-year old freshman wearing a bright red sweater. “My main concern is, if Hillary were elected, it would create a dynastification of American politics. Bush, Clinton, Bush. What do you think?” asked Sebastian Ramirez, standing less than a hundred feet from the former president.

Clinton responded, to rolling laughter across the room, “I’m not responsible for the 12 years that the American people gave to the Bushes.” He continued: “I actually tried to talk Hillary into leaving me when we were in law school, that’s the God’s truth. I told her, ‘You have more talent for public service than anybody in my generation that I have met… I shouldn’t stand in your way.’ She looked at me and said, ‘Oh, Bill, I’ll never run for office.'”

Revealing in so many ways.  Truthfully, I don’t think the Dynasty question at an abstract level is an issue, but the nature of the dynasty certainly is with Clintons. 

However, I think he has to take some responsibility for the 8 years of George W.  After all, we were voting for change, right?

Probably bigger news to others was that a lot of students walked out of the speech, but I they might have had classes to go to.  Besides, if you’ve seen one Clinton, you’ve seen them all.  Did I say that out loud?

Hat tip to memeorandum.  Also blogging are Gateway Pundit [2], Michelle Malkin [3] and Stomp Swamper Blue Crab Blvd [4].