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Jerome Corsi on Jan Mickelson Today

I’m just picking up on Jerry Corsi’s interview on Mickelson’s show [1] on WHO [2]. I had not heard of him before, although apparently I should have by now. The show should be available as a podcast by sometime tomorrow.

Jerry is the author of “The Late Great USA”. He sounds like (but I’m not sure yet) a conspiracy theorist on the topic of the US Government, along with Canada and Mexico, working toward a North American Union, of which NAFTA is the first major step. He refers to some content on government web sites and is essentially stating that the US is on the road toward losing its sovereignty. I recall this being a big reason against NAFTA when it was originally debated, but we’ve been operating under NAFTA now for 13 years, and have not heard of any issues yet regarding such impact.

What little I heard of the interview sounded interesting, and I will be listening to it by the weekend. If you have thoughts or information regarding this topic, please comment.

Update: This was a rerun of part of last Thursday’s program, so this is already available on Jan’s web site.