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Where Have We Been?

Yikes.  The past few weeks have been very busy with preparations for Christmas at home, at church, at work (well, trying to get work done so we can get to our precious time off), and on top of that, I could probably lay out a list of other issues, but now that we’re at our time off, I can get a few things better organized and in gear.

We’re currently visiting family, and lost a few days of internet access, but helped get the new wireless network up and running so we’re online the rest of the trip.

Lot’s of things going on, and the Iowa Caucus only 11 days away.  Tomorrow, we will provide some thoughts on where things are at and plans for the next few weeks.  Christmas day we’ll reflect on the day… Bithead re-published a very insightful piece on the meaning of the Christmas season, which I enjoyed and commend to you here [1].

I do hope you are all enjoying time with family, away from some of the cares of the overly-busy life we tend to have these days.  :)