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Abstinence-only Doesn’t Work?

Wednesday’s WSJ had a blurb to this effect… one of those one sentence things that doesn’t say who did the study, or any real details, just that such “programs fail to affect teenage sexual behavior”.  I am convinced that such programs can work, but ONLY if they have consistent support from parents, including teach, reinforcing and, demonstrating the behavior.  I believe that the trends in teenage sexual activity and pregnancy are the direct result of parents who 1) don’t provide adequate time to their children, 2) don’t teach them correct relationship and behavior mores, 3) don’t themselves believe in those mores, and 4) don’t (or didn’t) practice those mores themselves.  I’ve seen it happen in my own family and others over the years, and no program, none, can alone solve any problem especially with children.  Parents HAVE to be primary drivers to help children develop effectively and make good decisions during their teenage years.