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An Apple Whine Can Be Profitable…Maybe

I continue to be amazed at people (go figure).  I can never understand why anyone would wait in line for hours so they can have the honor to spend $600 on a gadget (the iPhone) that will do more than they really need that gadget to do (says the guy with the Motorola Q, a Blackberry, three Bluetooth headsets, blah, blah, blah, yeah, I’m a gadget freak too).  Okay, if it’s really worth waiting up all night and spending that kind of money, more power to you.  But, and I’ll say this to anyone participating in our free-market society, if it was worth $600 for you to be one of the first, why are you complaining like someone who tried to low-ball an offer on a car and had the dealer take the offer (that means I could have gone lower!).  Granted, we all hate to miss opportunities, and we hate to be taken advantage of, but let’s face it… IT’S ONLY PRICE GOUGING IF YOU NEED THE PRODUCT, like gasoline or water. 

What’s really scary here is not the fact that Apple succeeded in getting a great markup on a highly desirable product, but rather that Apple, long a no-discount, no-specials, marketer, bowed to pressure from consumers and 1) lowered the price of the product (a sign the product is not selling quite as well as they planned) and 2) provided a rebate to the whiners (which means they’re actually afraid of what the buying public thinks about “fairness”).  Sorry, i think if you are Apple whining, then what you’ve really got is a bad case of buyer’s remorse (how many of the whiners are just upset because they think they look stupid for spending more on the product than it was worth… news flash: the rest of us knew that when you bought the darn thing and showed it off to us)… you made a bad choice, and it’s not Apple’s fault, it’s your own, so live with it.

Just on a note, I bought my wife an iPod Nano a few months ago… so now that Apple has the new video capable model, I’m sure a whiner would want to trade in the old one for the new one.  Not I.  It was what I wanted for the money I paid, and I’m happy with it (I haven’t asked the wife yet, however).